Why Atlas Printers?

Elephant Trophy Award
The SAPPI Internation Printer of the Year Elephant Trophy is one of the most coveted awards in the global print industry.
This Trophy was won by Atlas Printers for the category 'Packaging and Labels' in 2007.

No matter how you look at Atlas Printers, its success or its functioning at its core its all about people and business relationships. Strength in these areas is why we can celebrate 60 years in the trade.

Good old fashion values like trust, honour, respect and responsibility still form the bedrock of Atlas Printers.

Respect for clients and an appreciation for the fact that they choose to come to us has fostered a culture of Service, Quality and Reliability. It is why we have some of the best technicians in the trade, a low staff turnover and long standing clients.

Jobs from Atlas Printers have contributed to agencies winning Loeries, in some cases in consecutive years. A major University has also won International Awards with Annual Reports printed by Atlas Printers.

Maintaining customer loyalty and trust is integral to our effort. In order to respond to clients needs and exceed expectations each individual Atlas Printers is driven to:

Delivery on the Promise Eye for Detail and Quality Respect and work in congruence with each other

Sustainability Ecology re-used recycle FSC


Ecological consideration is given to all aspects of the production chain.

Pre-press production is totally digital and direct to plate eliminating the need for film and chemicals for that process. Only washout solution for plates are used.

Press Room: Presses are emission free and are fed from biodegradable cartridges that minimise waste and tins. Press run up sheets are minimised and reused before recycling. Press wash solutions are recycled and reused cuttin down consumption by upto 40%.

Paper is mainly sourced from SAPPI and other responsible mills with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation. With these mills trees are treated as a crop using sustainable farms. Harvesting is primed to minimise the impact on the enviroment and wildlife.


Atlas Printers has always followed a strategy of employing the best technology available.

Talented operators man these presses whilst fully understanding and communicating the urgency and precision of your print. Colour perception is not left to chance as ink profiles are digitally linked to the presses from the studio. Fast uncompromising turnaround means you get the best quality print production on time, every time.

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